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Weekly Words for the Journey

To My Beloved PBBC Community

You can trust God:
In the moments of celebration,
At the high points of life,
God is there,

You can trust God:
In the dark moments,
At the low points of life,
God is there,

You can trust God:
In the moments of doubt,
When decisions fail you,
God is there,

You can trust God:
In the certainty of faith,
When you are inspired,
God is there,
(“Prayers to Share” by David Sparks)

As this journey continues to stretch out before us, we may need these words more than ever…to know that when we are hopeful, God celebrates with us; when we are struggling, God sustains us for another day; when we are uncertain, God clarifies what is essential; and when we are confident, God goes with us to be the people we are called to be.

We are all waiting and watching, listening and learning, as our state nears the first phase of reopening. Churches are receiving guidelines on how and when we can safely begin to move toward resuming public worship services. Our Council is preparing to meet on June 8th to make plans for the coming months; we will keep you informed as to where we go from here.

But no matter where we go or how soon we get there, through these ever changing and challenging days, through high and low points of life, through doubts and certainties of faith, we will stay together, trusting the God who celebrates, sustains, clarifies, and goes with us.

As always, Pastor Claudine