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Weekly Words for the Journey

To My Beloved PBBC Community

“Power for Life”

God, what would you have me say, do, or be like today?

you live in heaven’s domain.
The kingdom of heaven is in you.

Its energy surrounds you.
Let it wash over you and penetrate.
Bathe in its love.
Bask in its light.

You cannot make mistakes here.
All you say and do is within its grace.

Your talents, skills, curiosities
- even your styles of work and play -
are blessed gifts to you.

I give you your own works to perform,
and I look for a ripe return.

Offer yourself to my love and care today,
I will guide you and work with you,
in you, and through you.

This relationship is the divine exchange.

(Written by David Sharp)

We may wonder what God would have us do and say in these days, what “works” God gives us to perform…at home, in our communities, with friends and family, around the world. These words remind us that no matter what we do, God is guiding us, and the kingdom is within us.

As we begin putting the church back together again, piece by piece, one small gathering at a time, may it be a “divine exchange” of love for life, of sorrow for joy, of despair for hope.

Until we meet again…soon,
Pastor Claudine