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Weekly Words for the Journey

To My Beloved PBBC Community

“I Wish You More”
(Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld)

I wish you more ups than downs
I wish you more give than take
I wish you more tippy-toes than deep
I wish you more we than me
I wish you more hugs than ughs
I wish you more WOO-HOO than WHOA!
I wish you more will than hill
I wish you more can than “knot”
I wish you more snowflakes than tongue
I wish you more pause than fast-forward
I wish you more umbrella than rain
I wish you more bubbles than bath
I wish you more treasures than pockets
I wish you more stories than stars
I wish all of this for you
because you are everything
I could wish for…
and more

How I wish we could safely gather in our sanctuary each Sunday…worshipping our God, singing our hymns, greeting our friends, and serving our world. But we do these things in our hearts.

How I wish we could know for certain the most effective way to protect ourselves and all those we love, as well as all those God loves, from this pandemic. But we trust this is the best way.

How I wish we could seek peace, create justice, and walk humbly with God for the sake of our neighbors and those we call strangers. But we keep working together to build a better world.

I rejoice in the many ways we have been sharing our wishes…calls and emails, texts and visits, recording of services, our “Bridging the Gap” prayer circles. After four weeks of these small sacred gatherings we are taking a Sabbath break. We will not meet over the next two weeks during which time I will take some vacation, and we will prepare for the rest of the summer.

Thank you for being everything God could ask for. I will see you, write to you, and talk to you in a few weeks. I will pray for you, and wish more for you, every day.

Pastor Claudine