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Weekly Words for the Journey

To My Beloved PBBC Community

A Letter from Our Friend and Sister in Christ
American Baptist Missionary Mercy Gonzalez-Barnes

” ‘Education is power…not the power to dominate,
but the power through the Spirit of God to serve and transform lives.’
I truly believe that the power of God works in us, through us, and uses the gifts and talents that we bring to the table. One of the ways in which we serve is by providing education,
and empowering and encouraging leaders to discover their gifts and serve.
I am truly amazed at how God is using this program to empower leaders
throughout Latin America and the United States.
I also want YOU to know how important it is to have YOU on this team
that promotes theological education and the development of leaders.
Thank you so much! I truly cannot do what I do without your support.

Prayer concerns: Prayers for our son Josh, going to college in NYS; prayers for our son Rich, teaching in Japan
Prayers for our daughter Aida and husband Isaac, living in Charlottesville, VA
Prayers for my husband Rick, ministering as a Chaplain in a detention center
Prayers for our current cohorts of students in Ecuador, Dominican Republic,
Mexicali, Brazil, and our U.S. cohort
Prayers for new support partners and churches in the United States
(I am currently at 76% support and need to reach 100%)
Prayers for our world as each country is dealing with this global pandemic.
May we be God’s hands and feet bringing good news, hope, food and support to those that surround us. Remember, the power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in US today!”

These wonderful words of life from our dear friend, Mercy, remind me that we are connected as people of faith, as sisters and brothers in Christ, as American Baptists, and as children of God. What a blessing it is to work together in bringing hope, educating leaders, equipping ministers and serving churches; what a gift to support Mercy, such a faithful servant and such a devoted disciple of Jesus; what a joy to join her in preaching good news and reaching so many people!

As we continue to support her ministry in so many places on this earth, let us be mindful of the needs of all people…those who still wait for hope, those who are in need of food and shelter, those who dwell in darkness, and those who long for more light. As global partners in Christ we are called to be ambassadors of peace and truth throughout the world, seeking to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

May we be inspired by Mercy’s faith, and encouraged by Mercy’s spirit…
Pastor Claudine