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Weekly Words for the Journey

To My Beloved PBBC Community

A Prayer for Stewardship
Dear God, for whom sacrifice is both a gift and a request:
we realize that by making us recipients of your bountiful gifts,
you have made us stewards of your beautiful creation.
Clarify our vision of the scope of responsible stewardship.
Sensitize us to the truth that the greatest challenges
to our stewardship coincide with our best blessings.
What we have received, we are to give.

You give us life. We must offer commitment.
You give us Scripture. We must study.
You give us music. We must make ourselves instruments of praise.
You give us children. We must serve as good teachers and parents.
You give us talents. We must minister accordingly.
You give us church. We must extend fellowship.
You give us the gospel. We must share the good news.
You give us each other. We must live in love.

O Giver of all that we call good and perfect, transform our gratitude
for what you have placed within our hands
into significant means of serving others as well as you.
We rejoice in our freedom. Grant us diligence in freeing others.
We are thankful for our finances. Direct our money and other resources
toward the work of your ministry and the fulfillment of our mission.
We are grateful to be able to speak. Help us to fill our words with
encouragement, instruction, inspiration and invitation.
We are pleased to be able to act. Strengthen our efforts
on the foundations of personal and social good will.

All of life belongs to you. We know that.
The possibility of cooperating with you in the ongoing work of creation and redemption
comes as both a blessing and a responsibility. We would not take anything for it,
but we certainly need your help in order to do our best with it.
Please assist us, O God.
In the name of the Perfect Steward we pray.

As we consider our gifts to God and make our pledges to the church, may the words of this prayer bring us confidence and joy. With gratitude beyond words for the strength of your giving this year, and the depth of your devotion to God’s work in the world,
Pastor Claudine