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Weekly Words for the Journey

“The Heart of Eternal Love”
(Written by Joyce Rupp)

Heart of Love,
Source of all kindness,
Teacher of the ways of goodness,
you are hidden in the pockets of daily life,
waiting to be discovered.

Heart of Gladness,
Joy that sings in our souls,
the Dancer and the Dance,
you are Music radiating in our
cherished caches of consolation.

Heart of Compassion,
the Healing One weeping
for a world burdened and bent,
you are the heart we bring
to the wounded, worn and weary.

Heart of Comfort,
Sheltering Wings of Love,
Refuge for sad and lonely ones,
you embrace all who bear loss,
gathering their tears with care.

Heart of all Hearts,
the First and Best of all Companions,
you are the Gift secreted in our depths,
connecting us with others.

Heart of Understanding,
One who gazes upon the imperfect,
the incomplete, the flawed, the weak,
you never stop extending mercy.

As we prepare to enter into the season of Lent, as we look toward Ash Wednesday next week, and as we celebrate Valentine’s Day this Sunday, may we honor the Heart of God in every form it takes, and may God create in us our own clean, loving, and merciful heart…Pastor Claudine