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Bread and Broth for the Soul: Week 4

As we continue our journey through Lent, we use our senses to reflect on the events of Jesus’ life and death, also called the Passion, and once again we imagine gathering for Bread and Broth. We are invited to think on these weekly words and watch the video message on our website.

Touch (Who Touched Me)
Taste (Taste and See that the Lord is good)

Today we consider the gift of touch. Imagine the feel of the door handle as you enter the building, your hands reaching into pockets and purses for the money you’ll put into the basket for our America for Christ offering. Imagine making contact with church members…shaking hands, holding hands, and giving hugs. Imagine pulling out a chair to sit down at the table, reaching for the Table Talk sheet, lifting the soup spoon, using your napkin, passing the bread and pouring cups of water. Imagine the feel of your hands folded in prayer as we share concerns of the church family. Perhaps Sue Shontell makes Loaded Potato soup, or Barbara Brant makes Stuffed Pepper soup. Perhaps Rick Tourjee makes Chili, or Marilyn Baird makes Chicken Tortilla soup. Perhaps Candy Zeppieri and Carolyn Land bring a variety of breads for the meal. Think of the words of blessing from a hymn: “Here would I touch and handle things unseen.”

Think of the ministry of Jesus and how it must have felt…touching the outcast in healing and mercy, washing the feet of his disciples in service and love; breaking bread, casting nets, and blessing children; calming a storm with his hand. Think of his wrists bound in captivity, his face kissed in betrayal, his body nailed to a cross. Touch can bring pleasure or pain; it can be welcomed or unwanted; it can heal or hurt. Touch can be healthy or inappropriate, intimate or intrusive, safe or deadly, gentle or firm. Where do we most feel the hand of God in our lives? And how can we touch others with grace?

God, we thank you for the gift of touch.
We thank you for the opportunity
to give and receive through our hands, our bodies.
We thank you for the ability to communicate
in ways that need no words or sounds.
God who touches us, give us that sense
which leads us to closer contact with you.
May we use this gift of touch to reassure, to assist, to guide.
Nudge us, urge us, shove us along the path
on which we can feel your presence.
May our hands feel for you. May our lips smile for you.
May our muscles move for you. May our bodies speak for you
the language of love. Amen.
(By Kevin Scully)