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Bread and Broth for the Soul: Week 5

As we complete our journey through Lent, we use our senses to reflect on the events of Jesus’ life and death, also called the Passion, and we imagine our final gathering for Bread and Broth. We are invited to think on these weekly words and watch the video message on our website.

Taste (Taste and See)

Today we consider the gift of taste.
Imagine the taste of the meal we share…the soup, the bread, a fresh cup of water.
Imagine the taste of sweetness in the air as we sense the feel of spring around us.
Imagine the taste of hardship we experience, the things that leave a bitter taste in our mouths.
Imagine the taste of normal as we begin to move slowly, safely out of this pandemic time.
Imagine the taste of generosity as we make gifts to the America for Christ Offering.
Imagine the taste of love as we lift prayer concerns of the church family.
Perhaps Portia Freeman makes Corn Chowder, or Drew Wesche makes Broccoli Cheddar soup.
Perhaps Belle Jordan and Richard Tourjee make chicken vegetable soup.
Perhaps Mei Ling Liu and Go Tuang bring a variety of Panera breads for us to share.
Imagine the taste of grace and gratitude in our blessing…O taste and see that the Lord is good.

Think of the life and ministry of Jesus through the gift of taste…
the land of milk and honey promised to Israel, the vision of a fig tree for every person;
the water changed to wine at the wedding in Cana, the loaves and fishes that fed five thousand;
the taste of freedom and forgiveness offered to the last, the least, and the lost among us;
the taste of abundance and goodness in all of God’s promises and blessings;
the taste of broken bread and shared cup at the last supper;
the bitter cup of suffering Jesus was asked to drink, the sour wine offered by the soldiers,
the final words he uttered from the cross…I am thirsty.
Taste can be good or bad, sweet or sour; it can bring delight or disgust, joy or regret;
it can lead to compassion when we get a taste of another person’s sorrow and struggle.
How do we taste and see that God is good? How do we get a taste of hope on Easter morning?

God and creator of all we taste,
Let us use this gift to appreciate the blessings you have given us.
Help us to share our enjoyment of the gifts of food and drink.
Let us celebrate the range of tastes we encounter
in different cultures and cuisines.
Help us to remember that our taste it not the only one.
Dare us to widen our experience of the richness you offer through the range of your people.
May we also use this sense of taste to ease the bitterness of others.
We ask this through the lover of all and the giver of comfort,
Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
(By Kevin Scully)