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Weekly Words for the Journey

A Graduation Prayer

Source of every human hope,
whose love and care have touched us all,
we gather here to seek fulfillment
none of us can find alone.
Open us to the deeper meanings of this moment
which is both wistful and a time a joy,
which honors our past while advancing us
on an uncertain path.
On this day of endings and beginnings
we applaud the transmission of wisdom
from one generation to the next,
yet are awed by all that remains unknown.
Encourage us always
to dwell among those who
savor beauty,
practice truth,
advance community,
respond in compassion,
are animated by wisdom not their own,
empowered by a Spirit they do not possess,
awed by mystery which defies comprehension,
and wonder which claims our adoration.
(from “Touch Holiness” by Ruth Duck)

This is a season of endings and beginnings, as we bring to a close our year of remote worship and start to gather in person on Sunday mornings (we will continue posting audio recordings). It has been a long and challenging journey, but by the grace of God we have all found ways to savor beauty, practice truth, advance community and respond in compassion to this pandemic.

With careful planning and cautious hope, we welcome our first group of members and friends this Sunday as we celebrate the Day of Pentecost, following guidelines we have already shared. There are many of you who continue to worship from home but we will all be together in spirit!

This is also a season of graduation ceremonies and commencement celebrations. May the words of this prayer guide our graduates and their families into a future that belongs to God.

Ever grateful for the meaning and fulfillment we cannot find alone…Pastor Claudine