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Weekly Words for the Journey

The Day of Pentecost

O Holy One,
we gather to rediscover fire –
kindled by an ember
that flew from the great radiance,
Love’s bright beginning
in time and space –
flaming forth now in us.
May our own Spirit-fanned words
and thoughts of our hearts
become love’s flames,
tongues of forgiveness,
sentences of justice,
declaring the good news:
that Wisdom burns in the hearts
of this cosmic adventure.
Pour our Pentecostal blessing upon us;
transform our babbling
into a syntax of blessing,
a proclamation that the world
is ablaze with your glory,
and that all creation is awaiting
our arrival as your sons and daughters –
fire, now shape-shifted
into conscious future-forgers –
willing to reveal and realize
the kin-dom of God.
(Excerpt from “If Darwin Prayed” By Bruce Sanguin)

Now I can say it! As we begin gathering THIS Sunday in our sanctuary, following the recording of sixty-three worship services, together we will rediscover fire, and I imagine it will be the fire of friendships renewed, church family restored, community of faith revived, and future reborn…

In the Book of Acts we read, “When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place.” While we will not all be together this week as many will still worship from home, we will surely be blessed together, ablaze with glory, wisdom and love. We will continue to follow the guidelines adopted by the council. Feel free to wear red for the flames of the Spirit!

As daughters and sons of the living God, all creation awaits our arrival…Pastor Claudine